Add a Facebook Like Button

By Niklas Nordlof on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Add a Facebook Like Button

Give your visitors an easy way to share your blog posts, products, etc. Add a Facebook Like button. When visitors click the button, they can easily share the page on Facebook.

Adding and configuring a Like button takes only a few minutes. Here's how to do it.

Add a button

To add a Facebook Like button:

  1. Get the Facebook Like Button widget from the Marketplace.
  2. Next, find the widget in your Widgets drawer and drag it onto a page.

Now you've got a basic Like button. Next, configure it.

Configure the button

Once you've added the button, you can configure how it works and looks. Here are the options you can change.

URL to Like

When visitors click the Like button, they see a box allowing them to share the page on Facebook. Use this field to set which page the button corresponds to. 

To just use the current page, leave the field blank. For most situations, you should probably leave this field blank.

Layout Style

You can choose between a few layout styles:

  • Standard (default). This is the default style, and it uses words—instead of just numbers—to indicate how many people like the page.
  • Button Count. This is good streamlined option. Instead of using words, it uses numbers to indicate how many people like the page. It takes up less space vertically, so it's good for a narrow row.
  • Box Count. This option also uses numbers to list the amount of likes; although, instead of placing the number to the right of the Like button, this option places the number above the button.


You can also change the font of the like count. Select Arial, Lucida Grande, Tahoma, etc. Pick a font that best matches your design. 

Of course, your font choice is most noticeable if you're using the Standard layout with words instead of numbers.

Verb to Display

If the verb Like is too casual for your audience, instead use Recommend

That's it. Publish the page and watch the likes roll in.

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