Build Your Site Faster With Blocks

By Niklas Nordlof on Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Build Your Site Faster With Blocks

The Moboom SiteStudio is designed around helping you build sites faster by eliminating the tedious aspects of site building.

For example, instead of forcing you to write out HTML by hand, the SiteStudio uses widgets. So a developer builds a widget once, and then anyone with that widget can reuse that snippet of HTML over and over again.

The latest version of the SiteStudio includes blocks, which are designed to eliminate more of those tedious aspects.

What are blocks?

Blocks are basically groups of widgets. And like widgets, you add blocks by dragging them onto a page. These groups are built around common design patterns, as most websites are built to fulfill similar requirements. 

For example, if you’re building a blog post page, you probably want the title of the post at the top. Below that, would be the author’s name and the posted date. Then you might want an image and a spot for the body text.

Well, there’s a block for that.

Of course, you probably want to customize the look of the page with specific fonts, colors, and so on. You can still do that with blocks. Blocks are just a quick way of getting all that other stuff organized and onto the page.

How do I use blocks?

Once you put a block onto the page, you’ll see that the block is actually a bunch of individual widgets. So just like with any other widget, you can drag them around the page, remove them, click on them to adjust styles & settings, or write custom CSS that affects them.

To add a block:

  1. In the SiteStudio, blocks are the right, above widgets. So click the Widgets tab in the upper right to see the available blocks.
  2. Next, drag a block into the This page zone. You’re now in Block Preview Mode, which means that the block hasn’t actually been added to the page yet.
  3. To remove the block, just click Cancel in the upper right. Click Apply Blocks to explode the block into editable widgets.


Note   Once you apply a block, you can't remove it by clicking Undo. You must remove each widget individually.

Can I create my own blocks?

Yes! Actually, this feature has been available since the release of Moboom 3. You can do this with snippets. Check out the DevKit University for more about using snippets. 

Since blocks are brand-new, we’re especially interested in your experiences with them. Let us know how you like blocks on our forum.

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