How to Add the Facebook Widget to Your Site

By Niklas Nordlof on Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Add the Facebook Widget to Your Site
Connecting your site to Facebook has several benefits. If you post to Facebook often, adding a Facebook Feed means you don't have to double your work or force your visitors to check several places for the latest content.

Adding a feed to your site also drives traffic back to your Facebook page, and social sharing is a great form of free advertising.

Convinced? Adding a Facebook feed to your DevKit site is simple. Here's how it works.

Add a feed

To add a Facebook Feed:

  1. First, get the Facebook Recent Activity widget.
  2. Next, find it in your Widgets drawer and drag it onto a page.
  3. To connect the widget to a particular page, in the Facebook Page URL box, add the URL of your Facebook page (e.g.,

So far you have a pretty basic feed that shows the name of your Facebook page and how many likes it has.

Next, add more features.

Configure a feed

The Facebook Recent Activity widget has several options that you can configure. Here's what they do.

Width & Height

Width & Height allow you to set a specific width and height using px (e.g., 200px).

Show Faces

Show Faces adds profile pics of the people who have liked your Facebook page.

Show Stream

Show Stream adds a scrolling list of your latest Facebook posts.

Show Header

Show Header adds a heading at the top of the widget that says "Find us on Facebook." Leaving this header off can streamline the widget a bit, but adding gives your visitors an extra clue that this is a Facebook feed. So decide what works best for your audience.

So as you can see, just a few clicks and you've got a Facebook feed.

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