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5 Money Saving Tips for Students

We all know how hard it is in this time of economic downturn, everyone does not have enough money to do what they want. This is an especially hard time for students as they already do not have enough money to pay for tuition etc. let alone doing so in this crisis. Below are five...

health care expenses

Money Saving Medical Tips

Unexpected medical expenses create problems for families already stretched to pay their bills. What can you do to save money on medical expenses and stay away from financial problems? 1. Use generic medications from a reputable company. The FDA regulates name brand and generic medications to make sure that they all meet minimum potency standards....

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Save on Your Next European Vacation

Traveling in Europe these days can be terribly expensive. With the relatively weak dollar as compared to the Euro, it is far more expensive to travel there than it was even five years ago. But in my opinion, it is a trip that all travelers must take. As someone who has traveled around Europe many...