Money Saving Medical Tips

health care expenses

Unexpected medical expenses create problems for families already stretched to pay their bills.

What can you do to save money on medical expenses and stay away from financial problems?

1. Use generic medications from a reputable company. The FDA regulates name brand and generic medications to make sure that they all meet minimum potency standards. Buying the store brand does not mean you are getting an inferior medication.

2. Drink at least 64 ounces of water every day. Water helps your body to flush toxins out of the filtering organs. This prevents liver and kidney problems. If your urine has more than a tinge of yellow, you are not drinking enough.

If your kids do not like water, use a powdered additive…but NOT fruit punch! Health food stores sell delicious powders containing natural sweeteners that will not make your child overly active the way sugars, corn syrup, and caffeine do.

3. Eat healthy foods such as vegetables, fruit, and baked meat. Stay away from fast food, restaurant food, and fried foods.

These foods contain large quantities of salt, sugar, fat, and oils that make you feel full but do not provide the vitamins and minerals that your body or your child’s body needs.

Nutrients are important to keep your child healthy later in life.

4. Exercise at least three hours every week. Walking up and downstairs for five minutes 5 times every day will provide you much benefit.

Feel free to break up your exercise time into small increments. Take your child with you on daily walks around the neighborhood.

5. Make sure your family members wash their hands thoroughly before they eat. Not only is this good hygiene, but it will also keep you from catching a viral or bacterial infection and missing days of work.

6. Don’t go to the doctor for a cold or flu unless you see no improvement after 5 days. Treat yourself with decongestants, ibuprofen, bed rest, fluids, and a humidifier. It’s what your doctor will tell you to do.

7. Go to the emergency room only for extreme emergencies. If your doctor’s office is closed, then go to an urgent care center.

Hospitals charge at least five times more than an urgent care center. These clinics can treat everything up to stitches and X-rays.

If you follow these seven tips, then you and your family will live a longer, healthier, and less expensive life.

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