How to Plan Date Night on a Budget

couple date night

Dating is fun, but far too often, date night gets overlooked after marriage.

This is especially true after children enter the picture. The more family members mean more expenses.

Trying to live on a budget pushes date night even farther away. Here are some ideas to get date night back onto the calendar.


Although the family night is wonderful, a couple time is important, too. It is essential that couples find a sitter they can trust while out on a date.

Consider asking family or friends to babysit. This will help parents to feel secure about the children while they are away for a couple of hours or overnight.

Also, friends and family may be willing to trade babysitting favors. This will save couples some extra cash which is very important on a budget.

Another idea to save money is to schedule date nights when some of the kids have planned activities.

For instance, if your daughter has an outing with the Girl Scouts, you will only need to pay a sitter for your son while she is away. Try planning date night around that time to save money.

Where to Go

You don’t have to go anywhere fancy or expensive on date night. Staying home may be a great option if the kids are away at a friend’s house for a sleepover.

Cook a nice meal and eat by candlelight. Watch a movie uninterrupted. This cheap date is priceless to parents who need a break from the daily grind.

A picnic is another great option for couples on date night. Enjoy a light dinner at a park. Take a walk and enjoy the scenery together.

Instead of planning an expensive night out of town at a four-star hotel, why not spend a night camping? An evening under the stars is very quiet and romantic.

This may be just the mini-vacation you and your spouse need. A night at a campground will cost $15 to $30 compared to $80 to $100 for a night at a discount hotel.

A Dinner Date

Few things are better than a dinner date. Take advantage of date night and have a dinner date.

It is so relaxing to chat across the table from your mate on date night.

No squabbling among siblings or childhood cuisine tonight. Go to a restaurant that serves you. Rekindle the sparks over dinner while someone else cooks. No need to talk only about work and kids.

To trim the cost of such a fine occasion, consider gift cards. Ask for gift cards to your favorite restaurant during birthday and Christmas time. Save the gift cards for date night in the future.

Join sites like Stash Some Cash

Saving is so difficult when living on a tight budget. Some thoughts to stash some cash for date night don’t have to break the bank.

When you pay for items, save all of your change. Toss the pennies, quarters, and coins into a jar. You will have enough to roll and cash in no time.

With this method, you don’t feel like you are missing the money from your budget, but you are funding date night with ease.

Another idea to save some cash for date night is to pack your lunch. If you plan to buy your lunch, you have budgeted money for this purpose.

Pack your lunch a couple of times a week and save the money you would have spent. This little added cash will quickly pay for a date night out for you and your loved one.

It is possible to get out of the house without the kids in tow. Date night should become a priority. With these ideas, date night will fit into your budget and into your life, again.

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