Save on Your Next European Vacation

european vacation

Traveling in Europe these days can be terribly expensive. With the relatively weak dollar as compared to the Euro, it is far more expensive to travel there than it was even five years ago. But in my opinion, it is a trip that all travelers must take.

As someone who has traveled around Europe many different times, and all trips on a tight budget, I have learned some of the best ways to take that trip of a lifetime and not blow through your entire life savings.

Follow these 4 tips and you may find that your trip will be more affordable than you thought!

Travel in the “off” season.

Consider traveling in either April/May or late September/October. The weather in most of Europe is still very nice and you won’t have the crowds. But most importantly, prices on your 2 largest expenses, lodging and airfare, are going to be lower as well.

Do research ahead of time.

Get to know the places you want to go ahead of time. Do some internet research and find the local deals in the areas you want to visit.

For example, many different attractions like museums and shows are discounted on certain days of the week to give the budget traveler a great opportunity to attend.

Consider flying around Europe instead of the train.

Small, commuter type airlines have flourished in Europe (based on the success of Southwest Airlines in the US) and it is often cheaper these days to fly from big city to big city than take the train or buy a traditional Eurorail pass.

So look at your travel itinerary and price it out. You may be surprised that it will be cheaper, and not to mention much quicker travel, to buy 5 plane tickets than 1 Eurorail pass

Become a student.

The first time I visited Europe I was a student and I was blown away by how many places offered student discounts.

For example, in London, you could get show tickets for about 1/3 of the price just by showing a valid student ID. So consider signing up for a community college class and getting that valid student ID.

The money you spend on the class will pay for itself and more in Europe, plus you may actually learn something in that class!

Follow these steps and you’ll not only have a great time but save a lot of money as well.

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